Hello World!

The init lab is a small team of young developers founded by School of Informatics in the interest of increasing the use of technlogoies around us. The team is the result of years of traning courses that Academy delivers on the territory ( courses such as Cisco, Java, C#, etc. ) that has produced good promising programming figures, both software development and web, who have decided to collaborate on this project.

The team is led by high-level professional figures, their diversity provides excellent skills in many programming fields.

Having the skills is not everything, it is also important to have a direction.
Our team is a division of analysis and development of ad-hoc business solutions for small & medium-sized businesses.

Our goal is to improve your business with innovative and customized IT solutions for you.

Why choose us?

When we formed the team we set some dogmas. These dogmas are now the team's identity.



We love to develop, it is our art and our way of making the world a better place and professionalism is at the top of our way of doing business.


User Friendly & Unified-Systems

Building solutions is a difficult job to present in some ways. Make a platform simple and complete, adaptable to each device, intuitive and concise. This is what we aim for with the terms "user-friendly" & "unified-system"



Each solution is based on your feedback that completely fill your business and support it in a productive way.


Modules Criteria

The developing of our applications or services, follows a very precise way. The delopment of modules allows us to always expand our platform: including new features, or integrations and make it an ever-evolving system, always based on your use and your need.

Our experience

We work hard. We try to give our customers the best product they can expect, and they may want.

In our experience, we have come into contact with different realities.

We have created a Custom Relationship Management (CRM) platform for a training school. A CRM is the right choice for treating your customers and leading them to your company.

In another case, we have been able to implement a management system for the intervention of a qualified thermo-techinician. A web-application that organized the appointments, with digital signature, Google API Integration, electronic billing and responsive-device. A solution that earned him more than 10.000€

Other web-work was an e-commerce for a restaurant that would implement an external transport service, a landing page for a freelancer association, a bill management system for a freight forwarder and obviusly, this website.

Our technologies

In the past, we coded in a lot of different languages like Java, C#, ASP, python, perl. We currently focusing only on building a responsive platform with python, jquery, ajax and obviusly html/css.